A perfect solution for cleaning and sanification of pallets.

MIT has designed a fully automatic modular cabin, which adapts to every process of sanitizing and cleaning the incoming pallets to the production cycle: forced air cleaning, UV sanitization.
Pallets containing various types of packaging (glass, plastic, cardboard, etc.), especially if stored outside, are subject to attack and nesting of insects, the accumulation of cobwebs, foliage and other pollutants. Before entering the production cycle, especially if used in food production processes, they must be sanitized to avoid the entry of pollutants into production environments.

  • Cleaning and sanification of glass, plastic, wood and cardboard pallets or bottles.
Technology Plus
  • Treatment chamber from a pallet
  • Forced ventilation system
  • Upper and lower air flow system for pallet cleaning
  • UV sanitization system
  • Air recirculation system with filtration of the same
  • Automated roller conveyor system
  • Automatic sliding door opening and closing system
  • Lower container for pallet collection
  • Pallet loading roller for suitable lifting equipment driven by an operator
  • Iptional heating treatment
Technical Characteristics
Supporting structure made in Stainless steel
Loading System Manual
Capacity 50 L
Centrifugal fan power 5.6 kW
Cooling fan flow rate From 0 – 7200 m3/h
Temperature Based on environmental temperature from 0-40°C
Maximum height of the pallets or bottles 2100 mm
Maximum mass 1000 kg
Voltage 400V (3F + N + PE)
Frequency 50 Hz
Maximum power 9 kW
Installed power 9 kW
Maximum phase current 18 A


The interlocked shutter closing system prevents contamination of the rooms: the doors will not be opened simultaneously and the door inside the production department is only open when the pallet is been cleaned.


Once the pallet has been positioned on the loading roller conveyor, the roller shutter is opened at the entrance, while the unloading roller shutter remains closed, and the pallet is brought inside the treatment chamber.


The entrance shutter closes. The cabin activates the cleaning and sanitizing cycle.


The cleaning cycle is completed.
The shutter towards the inside of the plant opens and the pallet enters the production cycle.

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