M.I.T the quality of
Made in Italy Technology

“Our mission is to deliver a high-quality machinery with the combination of innovative technologies with performance at its best”


M.I.T Industries (Made in Italy Technology) is a part of Microglass Group. The MIT unit was found in the year 2016 with the aim to develop high quality machines, equipped with more evolved innovative technologies. In the last twenty years the components, machinery and plants were developed under Microglass, constant development and dedication towards innovation in the field of Thermal Radiation motivated to start a specialized unit for Production of Machinery and Plants under M.I.T industries.


MIT supplies the Made in Italy machines and construct plants for thermal transformation in the industrial sector. The company designs and manufactures machines and systems with the best technical quality for food treatments, pharma, polymerization of resins and adhesives, etc.
Our expertise has brought us to be first European manufactures of serial ovens and special plants, using microwave technology combined also with infrared and UV technologies. European leader in the production of components for productive processes (devices, machines and plant) and among the leader in supply of the UV and infrared systems.


Microwave ovens heat the objects by the action of radiofrequency radiation, equipped with a low amount of energy.

Only high-energy ionizing radiation have power, that can change the subatomic structure of matter and thus to induce DNA damage that can increase the risk of cancer. MICROWAVE IS NOT AN IONIZING RADIATION.

• The food heated in the microwave is not radioactive, because it is not subjected to ionizing radiation.